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What To Expect - Frequently Asked Questions

1Is printed collateral still important to have in today's digital business world?
Yes. Printed sales collateral is still important to have. They provide a tangible representation of your business, demonstrate professionalism, are convenient to distribute, help you stand out, and can establish trust with customers.
2How important are sales collateral to closing a new sale?
They are vital to all sales processes. They provide information, build credibility, address objections and highlight your expertise. By investing in quality sales collateral, you can increase your chances of success in a competitive marketplace.
3What printed collateral works best to increase sales?
There are a few staples every company should have (business cards, brochures, sales sheets). But ultimately, it will depend on your business type, target audience, and marketing goals. It's important to choose collateral that aligns with your marketing strategy and target audience.
4What do I need to do before getting printed collateral made?
Organize whatever information you want in your new collateral into a single document and double check that it's correct. You can identify the type of customer you want to engage with your collateral. This will make the development and delivery process faster and easier.
5How long does it take to get printed collateral designed and delivered?
From a couple days to a couple weeks, depending on the complexity of the collateral. Business cards are very fast to produce, where some forms of brochures and trade show material can take up to 15 business days.