“...such a smooth process. You approached it with a great ease. Thank you!”

- Ashley Cusack, AshleyCusack.com

What To Expect - Frequently Asked Questions

1Will my new sales video help Google find my website?
Yes! We create your video with keyword-rich titles, Google-ready descriptions and tags. We also design it to be easily shared across social media to increase your website's traffic and visibility with Google
2How does Read Tomato create a video?
Easy! We define your target audience; create a script filled with key messages and calls-to-action; make a storyboard of the visual elements; and finally, If on-location footage is needed, we source and direct a local videographer, otherwise, our in-house animators and editors produce everything.
3How long does it take to get a sales video made?
A video can be created anywhere from three days to three weeks. Ultimately the timeline will depend on how complex your business message is, how long the video needs to be, and the amount of revisions that are required in post production.
4What is included in the price of a sales video?
Everything. Our pricing is all inclusive. it covers everything from any third party costs and or contractors but then are required to produce any of the visual or audio elements of your new video.
5How will a sales video help attract customers to my business?
You can use it to showcase your products and services; well scripted videos build instant credibility and trust; it can highlight unique selling propositions, products or promotions; sales videos increase conversions; and they can easily be shared across media platforms.