Services provided to P3 & Associates

  • - Customer persona profiling
  • - Project architecture outlining
  • - Website design and user experience (UX) planning.
  • - Custom website development.
  • - Content creation, including copywriting, image selection, and blogging
  • - Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.
  • - Integration of third-party tools and platforms.
  • - Responsive design for mobile devices.
  • - Performance optimization and speed enhancements.
  • - Ongoing website maintenance and support.

P3 & Associates Real Estate Brokerage approached our web design and development agency for a complete overhaul of their existing website. The main reason for their decision was that they did not own their previous website, and they felt trapped with their old designer and hosting provider. They were looking for a robust content management system (CMS) and a platform that would allow them to manage the site on their own, with an excellent blogging experience. They also wanted to run a transparent SEO campaign to rank higher on search engines.

One of our past clients had recommended our agency to P3 & Associates, and they came to us with high expectations for success. We started with exhaustive target customer persona research and investigation to understand their goals and needs for the new website. We then outlined a clear architectural plan for the entire project, so they knew exactly what the completed project would look like. We set a clear budget and timeline to complete the project.

Before the design process began, we made sure that every piece of content for the website was written, gathered, and quality assured. We collected all the images needed for every page, including all the team bios/headshots, community images, initial blog images, and branding elements. Using all the content and images we built an entire wireframe of the website for client approval. From there, we crafted an amazing design onto the wireframe, tinkering with it until we received approval. Finally, we coded and developed the entire site in less than 45 days.

One of the challenges we faced during the project was that the content initially created for the site was not up to par in terms of SEO nor originality. However, we overcame this challenge by recreating much of the content for the client to ensure that it helped the site perform better and be more engaging to their target audience. We also started a regular blogging campaign for them to boost their SEO and local authority with targeted content. P3 & Associates were delighted with the results we achieved for their website, and their testimonials speak volumes about their satisfaction with our work. Our agency was able to deliver a website that met all their requirements and allowed them to take control of their online presence. We continue to work with them, providing ongoing support and assistance to ensure that their website remains up-to-date and effective in reaching their target audience.

  • Sandra Johnson
    Hey Jim, our website looks amazing. Yahoo!!! You guys have done an amazing job and I am looking forward to the blogging to raise our ranking. YOU GUYS ROCK!!
    Sandra Johnson

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