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What To Expect - Frequently Asked Questions

1How important is product mapping to my business?
It can help you prioritize tasks, define customer journeys, define/align marketing; identify new growth opportunities, and make data-driven decisions. Product mapping can help you focus your business assets in ways that are most likely to have the greatest business impact.
2How long does it take to get my products mapped?
It can take up to three weeks for delivery (depending on your product and business model complexity). Key requirements include: your availability for meetings and interviews and how organized your product experiences are.
3How do I know if I need to power map my products?
If you're unsure about your product priorities, feel like your team's efforts are scattered, or think there's room for improvement in your customer experience, it might be time to power map your products. Power mapping will help you get a clearer picture of what matters most, streamline your team's focus, and enhance the overall journey for your customers. Contact us for a quick consultation to optimize your resources, services, and products.
4How does the Value-Effort Matrix relate to Product Power Mapping?
The value-effort matrix is like a tool that helps you determine which tasks or projects are worth your time, based on how much value they'll bring and how much effort they'll take to finish. With Product Power Mapping, we use the value-effort matrix to identify and prioritize the features or tasks that'll make the most positive impact on your business, while still being low effort to tackle. The goal is to put your resources to the best use and and to focus on the actions that matter most.
5How does Product Power Mapping help in defining customer journeys?
Product Power Mapping helps create a visual representation of how your customers interact with your product along their journey. By pinpointing crucial touchpoints and examining customer needs and expectations at each stage, you can improve user experience, boost satisfaction, and inspire greater customer loyalty and retention.
6How often should I update my Product Power Map?
We recommended that you update your Product Power Map periodically, especially when there are recognizable changes in your market, customer preferences, or internal business goals. Regular updates ensure that your product strategy remains aligned with current priorities and that you continue to focus on the most impactful tasks and features.