“This would be a quote from clients that love us.” - Betty Jones, Realtor/Broker

Get Rewarded For Referring a Friend!

You are growing a business! You’re going to need marketing tools to keep customers happy and coming your way. At ReadTomato™ you can earn special discounts, and rewards by referring other realtors and brokers.

Refer-a-Realtor to get discounts and early access to:-

  • - The latest market studies*
  • - Special pricing to Customer Profile planning
  • - Design discounts on real estate marketing tools* like:
    • - Real estate sales videos
    • - Customer sales presentations
    • - Flyers, door hangers and signage
    • - Print and outdoor advertising
    • - Monthly social media promotion

We also offer ‘Cash In Pocket’ Rewards for:

  • - Showing up to meetings on time
  • - Providing key website information on time

* Some conditions that apply include the “RT Rewards Rules & Regulations.”

Start Earning Rewards Today!

To find out more about how you can earn special discounts and earn rewards while getting amazing marketing tools to promote your real estate services and business.

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