Growing a new brand image, naturally.

BioFen's aim was to modernize the company's image, enabling it to compete globally against big brands and foreign providers in its industry.

Services Provided

We revamped their brand with a fresh identity and usage guide. We then launched a sleek e-commerce site and designed eye-catching product materials and trade show collateral. To top it off, we crafted new branding and packaging for their core products, creating a cohesive brand experience that truly sells.

"Utilizing natural and dynamic design, an old brand was modernized for a small provider vibe. The owners aimed for trustworthiness and a medicinal feel without a pharmaceutical touch."
- J. Cronin, Top Tomato

Branding to reflect the natural side of their products.

They sought a nutraceutical and herbal image, differentiating from mass-produced chemicals. The new brand embodies a 21st-century approach, emphasizing natural solutions over big business.

"Thanks Tomato Team! You went way above and beyond with everything!
You’ve changed our business!"
- G. Freundl

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