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Here's a collection of our favorite client reviews, talking about the service we provided and the results we created to help them reach their marketing goals.

Latest love letter.

"A package came for me today. It was a plaque that had I won the Best Blog from the Massachusetts Association of Realtors. I'm thrilled and can’t thank you enough! My Tomato blog was the best thing I’ve done for my real estate career!" - E. Bolton

Sandra Johnson
“Hey Jim, our website looks amazing. Yahoo!!! You guys have done an amazing job, and I am looking forward to the blogging to raise our ranking. YOU GUYS ROCK!!”

Michael Bondi, REALTOR
“I just wanted to say thanks to you for your awesome work so far! I just got a $1,350,000.00 home into escrow because of your suggestion on a blog post as well as all of the content that we have all done together on the new website you built. My new client told me the reason why she hired me was that I was clearly the local expert after she read the blog article about The Howard Hughes Corporation post that we did. This is really a huge deal for me since prior to this year I have never been able to get into this price point at all. Thanks again! Looking forward to more sales and more work on the site!”

Lee Yarbough and Jack LeVine
“We have been dealing with Tomato since 2007. They built our first Real Estate blog site for us and have been working with them since then. We just had a total remodel of our website completed by Jim and his crew. Couldn’t have asked for anything more than they did for us. Moving thousands of blog pages over to our new website, and they did it in an efficient way that also worked well for the search engines. If you want things done right, you want the crew from the Tomato.”

Eric Story
Jim and the Tomato were amazing too work with!! They are very passionate about being perfect and very detailed!! I am ecstatic about my new website!!!

Beth Edwards
“I highly recommend working with Jim and his team. Our experience (here at Beth’s Biscotti) has been phenomenal. We came to Jim to help us build our unique brand, help share our story, and our mission. Simply put, Jim got it. Jim was an asset by helping us frame our story in a very compelling way so that we could truly reach our target audience. Total bonus, he has a fantastic, unique value (aka, gift) re the creative side. Not only can he do all the tech back-of-the-house stuff, but his creativity for both content and tying-in our branding to the website has been outstanding!”

Ariel Diaz
“Our old website was just not performing. It was too generic and dated looking. We knew from our first conversation with Jim that we were about to experience something special. His approach was to immediately explore what our goals with a new website were. Who are we targeting? What challenges are they looking to solve? What are our strengths? It was so refreshing to approach designing a website from the perspective that it is a tool to truly help our clients understand how we can best serve them. The design process was just as impressive. All our wish list items were delivered, on time and with a smile. Highly recommend working with Tomato. Their approach and system are impressive.”

Gregg Sharpe
“Tomato! The number of impressions just keeps climbing as to the clicks and our ranking is moving in the right direction as well. Amazing job. I want to personally thank you for all you have done for us. Your creativity, insight and customer focus is unmatched.”

Gregg Sharpe
The evolution of social media changed forever the way any company, especially small business markets to prospects and clients. Choosing the right website developer/SEO expert is crucial. Case in point…Immediately after getting my salesperson real estate license in 2011, I decided to build myself. Over the years I would add a few tweaks just to keep it somewhat fresh. I did this to always have a back up plan in the event our main website,, were to be sold. That day came in May of 2021. I immediately began searching for a professional real estate website designer to completely revamp and update My search produced hundreds, if not thousands of web developers, yet only a few met my criteria for understanding and potentially delivering on my end design. I interviewed several until I met Tomato and their Founder and CEO, Jim Cronin. Right from the start Jim listened with a deft ear absorbing my vision for the site. He asked probing questions and pushed me hard to clearly communicate what I expected. The overarching vision had to be clear and expectations set to create the site I wanted. Once we agreed on the end product, Jim and his team jumped into high gear and our efforts began redesigning the entire look and feel of the site. It didn’t take long for me to understand that what I was doing to just tweak the site over the years paled in comparison to what Jim and his team were delivering. Very quickly we saw our SEO and engagement on the new site grow rapidly. It only took a few months before I was receiving e-mails from Google notifying me we had reached another goal. It was then that I sat back and realized what a great decision I had made when deciding upon Tomato. I learned the importance of impressions on the web and how critical it was to get as many clicks to the site as possible. Once on the page the content and presentation was crucial to direct and personal connection with prospects, soon-to-be clients. Since going live I have referred several other Realtors to Jim resulting in the same outcome I experienced. Without question Tomato understood my vision and far exceeded my expectations. Their continued support and guidance confirms my decision to use them to this day.

Chris Culver
Awesome work! The writing is 10/10 and just flawless — kudos to the team!

Dennis Stamey
I am very pleased with all 5 of the websites your team built for us (2023). What’s even more exciting however is the blogging already brought us in 2 new clients, both for an annual commitment. That’s about $100K in just the first month. How great is that?!

Billi Gartman
Jim and his team at the Tomato are amazing. SO fun and easy to work with. Jim is over the top knowledgeable and make it all make sense. I love our new site and do other people which is the most important part. We have enjoyed working with Tomato so much, we are working with him with other services he offers and having him build other sites we need. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jim Cronin and Tomato for anything they offer!

Joe Tatum
Highly recommend. They were able to achieve results that thousands of dollars and several other companies could not. They listened, which is a lost art in the business world. With a complete rebranding and website they have achieved a result that directly increased our bottom line. Thank you does not sufficiently express our appreciation.

Rich Foster | Cedar Communities
Wonderful experience with the entire Tomato team! I used them for 7 websites and all of them came out beautiful. The team worked diligently to create a high-end product that is sure to deliver great results for us. We have already seen an increase in inbound leads in the short amount of time since the new sites launched. I highly recommend Tomato!!

Terri Barnes
I discovered Tomato when I came upon a Realtor’s branded website that left a lasting impression on me. Following my initial contact with the owner, Jim Cronin, I decided to engage his services for the enhancement of my website. Jim’s profound understanding of the real estate industry, a crucial factor for me, became even more impressive as he seamlessly integrated my interior design firm into the same website, a feat not easily accomplished. Collaborating with Jim as he expertly navigated the project, we successfully created a top-tier website that exceeded my expectations. Over the past few years, Jim has consistently improved and updated my website, demonstrating his commitment to enhancing its performance. Whenever I reach out with requests for changes, Jim responds promptly with a simple “DONE!” I encourage you to visit my website to witness the remarkable work, and if you desire a professionally tailored website by the end of the year, I wholeheartedly recommend contracting Jim’s services at Tomato.

Angela O’Hare
You are the BEST as always!!!

Eric Israel
You gave me the best advice I’d ever gotten in my business. And I’ve taken it to heart ever since. You told me to learn wordpress inside and out. The company I have built on that advice alone has made all the difference in my life.

Steve Beam
I’ve been working steady with Jim and the Tomato since 2008 when another web developer really screwed me over. I made a desperate late night call to Jim and he immediately picked up the pieces and got me back on track. Since 2008 he has helped me design and redesign many different variations of my original web presence to keep my site current and ahead of the competition. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help, guidance and friendship.

Joe Silviera
Jim from Tomato was an incredible asset when it came to building my website. As someone who had never built a website before, I was overwhelmed with the process, but Jim was patient, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. He was always available to answer any questions that I had, and his expertise helped me make informed decisions about the design and functionality of my website. He took the time to explain everything to me in detail, ensuring that I understood each step of the process. His guidance and support were invaluable, and I am grateful for all of his help. I would highly recommend Jim and the Tomato team to anyone looking to build a website for their business. Check out our Cottonwood Heating and Air website.

John Helmering
I’ve been meaning to write you guys a review for a while now… but with how well the website is working we’ve just been too busy =). Seriously, the site is just fantastic. It is a huge asset to our listing presentations, and our sellers love seeing their homes on it. Our leads from the site are locking in incredible luxury deals. It’s wonderful. And Google is just loving the site as well.. SEO has gone through the roof. Now we’re looking forward to having your team do all our targeted blogging – we’re so excited. Thanks again Tomato!

Claudia Splinter
If you are looking for a copywriting partner that does ALL the heavy lifting, look no further than Tomato. We’ve thrown some difficult topics at them and they deliver in spades. The content has been incredibly well researched, thorough, and professionally written. We have also been using content on topics that they suggested which proves their dedication and interest in our business. Other than a quick look over each article, we’ve just been able to sit back and watch them do their thing, week after week. To anyone needing excellent blog articles for their website, let these guys do it. They’re amazing.

Pablo Markelis
“These guys just get it. Looking back, I can see now that I was in the best of hands from start to finish. My business is as far from real estate as can be, so I was initially a little hesitant to work with Tomato. But I gotta be honest – these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to making an awesome website. They asked all the right questions, showed a true interest in learning about my business, and helped clarify my goals and who I wanted to target. They developed a whole new brand (logo, colors, slogan) and launched the whole thing in just under 30 days. It was an incredible ride.”

Lisa Priest
“Fantastic experience with a new website. Drilled down what was actually needed and what the user experience and messaging should be…things I hadn’t connected the dots on. Plus, it’s beautiful 🙂 This is the second time Jim & the Tomato Team have done a real estate website for me, and both times the experience and customer service were great!”

Rebecca Rehberg
“Tomato far exceeded our goals for a new Real Estate Website. Jim was an excellent advisor on how to best present our message, offer value for our services, and to create the opportunity to open and grow relationships with new and established clients. His design suggestions were terrific, his team did an outstanding job of giving us what we were asking for and at the same time making sure we did not make inexperienced mistakes. Jim was always responsive, our site launched within the timeline we had agreed upon, and we are confident in the advice and help we expect to continue to receive. Stand up guy and a great company to do business with, highly recommend.”

Tamela Giroux
“Tomato is fabulous at what they do. They were able to conceptualize my vision into the exact website I was looking for!”

Karen Brewer
“Jim, I’ve been meaning to write and tell you how completely delighted I have been with my experience at RET. I took a total leap of faith by signing up although I confess that the tone of the website resonated with me as completely genuine. The training, level of expertise, and especially the follow-up have more than surpassed expectations. I believe that the tomato grads are truly a like-minded group of fruits of the vine, and I feel I have made friends with people who for all intents and purposes are strangers. It’s like a family. Molly continues to be the voice of reason, information, and encouragement which cannot be underestimated. What a cat! Jim and gang, you’ve built something wonderful. Be proud and go forth ‘fruitfully.’ **UPDATE: Last year I had a great many bouquets tossed my way on the subject of I have gotten lots of leads and even monetized the site when someone saw a post on a Facebook feed. That resulted in a $900K sale. Yesterday, I got a call directly from someone who saw the blog, subscribed, and felt what I had to say surpassed the other Darien real estate bloggers out there. In fact, he made it a point to say that he thought the other sites were too busy talking about themselves and not offering content with value. Today I met with this client, and his listing will be worth $2 million. The Tomato has always taught us to place content above all else, and you are right. If I never get another dollar from blogging, I know now the truth of what you preach. Grow it, and they will come.”

Jennifer Klaussen
“Jim, I learned everything I knew from reading the Tomato blog and decided to contract with them to design a ‘real’ blog site for me. I just calculated that in the time that I have been blogging, I can attribute almost $10,000,000 (that’s TEN MILLION DOLLARS) in real estate sales volume directly to my blogging presence. Thanks to Jim, Rob, Chris, Jason, and the rest of The Tomato gang for making my site, educating me, and supporting my needs over the years (and of course answering ALL of my dumb questions, too!). You’re a great team to be in business with!”

Chuck Tanner
“I have had my domain name since 2005. I did not know anything about websites back then, but I had one. Needless to say, it wasn’t producing any results. I started thinking, ‘why am I throwing money away on something that doesn’t work,’ so I took it down. One day while listening to a podcast I heard this person say, ‘don’t pay someone else for their real estate, create your own.’ That got me thinking and I thought why couldn’t I create a website that is competitive? In 2014 I went online and found this company with a weird name called Tomato. I reached out to Jim and thought $2800.00…..seriously, who in their right mind would spend this kind of money on a website? I decided to jump in headfirst and spend the money. Best investment I ever made! That opened up a completely new world for me. I took advantage of the ten hours of training that they offered but did not stop there. I went on to take some online classes, Achieving Top Search Engine Positions, Creating WordPress Websites II, Advanced Web Page Design and Advanced CSS3 and HTML5. I also learned a little about Java Script and PHP. I figured I would leave the Tomato nest and go out on my own. What I discovered is a much deeper appreciation for what Jim and his team do. I also wondered why he was selling his sites so inexpensively. I learned this stuff gets REALLY deep, involved and time-consuming. I learned if I really wanted to create an awesome site I had to learn some more (I was done learning). I also learned that you could waste a lot of money on freelancers who claim to know what they are doing. Trust me, many of them knew less than I did. After straying off course…..I’m back, in the Nest! Jim has created what I think is a masterpiece. Of course, I am talking about my website. I know I was a pain in his backside but we achieved what I was looking for. Not only that, Jim is a stand-up guy. His only fault is that he is a Patriots fan. I am willing to overlook that as long as he keeps my site up and running. I have called and emailed Jim a million times and I have the emails to prove it. He always jumps on what I need and want done. I am hesitant to refer him in my market because I want my competition to stay with their cheap template websites. I am a little more knowledgeable today than I was in 2014 and you cannot beat Tomato’s product for the money. I spoke to other companies and they wanted a lung and your first-born child. Great Job Tomato!”

Elizabeth Bolton
“Tomatoes, A thank you for all the support, design work, etc. A package came for me today – thought it was a book I had ordered and forgotten. Instead, it was a plaque – won the Best Blog 2011 – Individual Agent from the Massachusetts Assoc. of Realtors. I am thrilled and can’t thank you enough – my Tomato blog was the best thing I’ve done for my real estate career!”

Stephanie Souza-Breault
“I have an awesome new website that I am very pleased with. It replaced an outdated, not mobile-friendly site I had for over 10 years. The new site looks great and is very functional. Jim with Tomato took my vision for my site and made it a reality. The site is huge, and finally, we are up and running. I chose to do the monthly hosting with support. Thank you for all the hard work. I appreciate it and highly recommend Tomato to any agent looking for a new website or to make their site better.”

Eric Israel
“Jim is a badass. Seriously. He can build what you want. He did it 8 years ago for me and now again in 2019. He and I will drink beers together soon!”

Mainstay Realty LLC
“Thank you thank you thank you!! We love our new website!”

Dennis Stamey-Lucas
“Jim and the team created the site that was just right for our organization. Creative, attentive, and professional! I recommend their services to anyone considering a website for their real estate needs.”

Nathan Fierman
“What attracted me to Jim at Tomato was they had the best looking realtor websites I had ever seen. When we started the process he had a very efficient process for getting my requirements and then he did what I love, he did a better job than what I imagined. Its always great when a vendor does more than you expect. He has continued to be very responsive to any requests I have and I always get compliments on my website.”

Jill Sivert
“Jim and Co. designed a beautiful website for me. Worked with me every step of the way asking for my input. I live in South Florida so I wanted my site to represent the colors and the sites that make people want to move here. It’s bright, photos of the beach, scuba divers, fishing, it’s informative and Jim was great to work with. I still call him and he drops what he’s working on and helps me out. I highly recommend Tomato for anyone looking for a Great Designer!”

Martha Rose
“Tomato was not only great to work with, they made my website rebuild happen in an amazingly quick way. They have a good eye for presentation and excellent communications skills. I highly recommend their services.”

Greg Anderson
“Jim and his crew at Tomato helped us create our new website. They were great to work with, and very responsive to our requests. We get great comments from our clients on the new site. Very satisfied with the results.”

Tara Hughes
“I have created 2 websites with Tomato. Worked on a tight deadline with no problems. They trained me on everything I needed to run the site after building it was complete. People rave about the look & hear nothing but compliments.

Adam Bogdnoff
“Jim has been great throughout the whole time that we have had our website with him. From the very beginning when we were just in the early stages of development, up until now with everything running smoothly, Jim has been incredible to work with. The website looks amazing and functions perfectly. Anytime we need to update anything he is right on top of it and it gets done instantly. I highly recommend Tomato!”

Christina Ward
“Best thing I ever did.”

Mario Chirino
“After comparing prices and quality, Jim and the Tomato was by far the best option. They built us a fully customizable real estate website in a timely manner for 1/3 of the price of other competitors. He was helpful throughout the entire process and always available to answer any questions. Highly recommend Jim and Tomato!”

Ashley Cusack
“We worked with Jim Cronin on our new website and it was such a smooth process. He approaches it with great ease and if not for us slowing it down it would have been a rather fast process. Thank you to Jim and the Tomato!”

Ian Petty
“Jim was always ready to assist with anything I needed and I needed a lot!”

Ashley Cooper
“Jim Cronin and his team are world class. Attention to detail and response time is second to none. I would recommend real estate to anyone thinking about building a cool and productive website.”

Kevin Atkins
“Thank you for your tireless work and commitment to excellence. The final website came out perfect! I appreciate your talents and collaboration.”

Carlos Dinares
“I had a vision of how good I wanted the site to look, and I didn’t know if they would be able to match my expectations at their price range. My wife actually told me there is no way they will do a good job at that price range. Not only did they do what I wanted, but they did it better and they didn’t charge me any extra. The new site It’s so good and so clear and so powerful that I’m getting a lot more business and interest. I’m so satisfied with their work that I’m building another site with them. I give them a 100 out of 100.”

Christine Rich
“Jim quickly understood my vision, bringing my old blogging site up to current style and standards. He was amazing at helping me to transform my site into something that clearly and concisely communicates exactly what I wanted. Working with Jim was such a pleasure and he and his team created an incredible website that I am super proud of. It was a lot of fun working with him! Highly recommend it. You’ll get more than your money’s worth.”

Zack Torrey
“Jim and his team are fantastic in making such a foreign process so easy and user-friendly when it comes to web building and web design. His ability to understand the needs of the client and apply it to design is really what sets him apart. I have battled for over a decade to have a website that I actually liked and functioned well and not only do I have that now but Jim made it the easiest of any other overhauls I have ever done. I cannot recommend Tomato enough!”

Dennis Blackmore
“I don’t know who you have working in support but they just did a fantastic job for me with our site…very responsive!”

John C. Coley
“Thanks again for being the single most positive impact on my real estate career. I generate at least 90% of all my business from the website and blog. It’s amazing.”

Jennifer Mitchell
“A company this good and talent this exceptional should not be held a secret even though I feel like I hit a pot of gold and want to keep the good fortune to myself! My experience with Tomato has turned a dreaded chore into a true pleasure. First, the organization in which Jim goes about guiding you down the journey into the real world of websites and technology is brilliant and easy. Step by step he asks, teaches, informs, and guides you to first understand your vision and then, to be able to express that vision to him. Jim then creates your website expressing the personality, tone, and vibe of your Company or service. Important to note too is that Jim will make suggestions to better consider if you begin to get off course, which is backed by his years of experience. He is artistic, easy to work with, actually even fun to work with because he truly loves what he does and it shows in his results. Thank you so much for creating a beautiful website that stands out among the thousands!”

Libby Levinson
“Tomatoes are top-notch! I just completed a re-design of my website which is the second we’ve done together. They are always so responsive and on top of it. The website is beautiful. I loved that they really helped me to dial into what the goal of the site is and who my ideal customer is. It has helped me focus my business and focus on my ‘dream clients,’ while building the dream website to engage with them. Thank you, Tomato! I’m a raving fan for the second time around.”

Christopher Bailey
“Very, very happy with your services!! Thanks for doing such a great job with my site, guys.”

Barry Wolfert
“I joined the Tomato in 2008. I was new to blogging and wanted a way to improve my internet presence. The team at Tomato was awesome in helping me design a new site and launch my internet marketing. They are always available to help and provide excellent customer

Sharon Rowlson
“I just wanted to say how effective and high performing your team is to get real estate professionals conversant with blogging and providing ongoing opportunities to learn and grow. You’re the best! Thank you + your entire team for delivering honest, focused, incredible value. Chris is the best educator I have ever worked with. He is knowledgeable about both social media and technology and can quickly help anyone become successful in applying them (in my case to real estate). His professionalism is in a league of his own. He is patient, flexible, and can help people learn what they need to progress at their own pace. I could not more highly recommend Chris to anyone wishing to become successful in social media or any other endeavor. I am so glad I had the chance to learn from him.”

Gardner Team Realtors
“Just want to send a quick shout out to RT for the great work on our website – we contacted them in 2008 about building us one of the best blogs on the planet and when we decided to go for it in 2010, we stepped it up with a full website concept and LOVE it! Amazing team of professionals to work with!”

Anthony Kamouzis
“Jim and the team at Tomato are some of the best Technology people that I have worked with. They deliver a top-notch product, they train you to use the systems to its capacity, and the Tomato team is there for you every step after completion. Tomato is the “Class Act “ of WordPress Blog Development. I highly recommend Tomato for all of your blog site development needs.”

Barry Wolfert
“The Tomato team has been instrumental in helping me create a web presence and build my internet business.”

Mark Madsen
“Clean and professional designs, great customer service, and a strong private real estate blogging community with a ton of education and resources. I’d recommend Tomato for an agent or brokerage that is serious about their brand, presentation, and saving time.”

Dennis Blackmore
“I had many services before Tomato … .none equaled the great customer service, design team, most importantly education re blogging/lead generation. Team it up with Diverse IDXPress and the best decision I ever made. Blogging is now fun.”

Shawn Jardin
“Tomato did my first WP site and then updated to a new one last year. I have a BA in IT and their training for WP taught me more than I learned with my four-year degree. Now using what they taught me to work on another non-real estate site. I recommend them to any agent needing to upgrade to a blog site.”

Doris Banchik
“I am really blown away by the help I have gotten from the Tomato Facebook members. We have something very special here.”

Rick Smenner
“I just put up a new site with RET. I tried a few different IDX options and really tested their tech support over the last few weeks. I’m sure they had a few choice names for me at times. All I can say is Thank-you to Tomato you are a first-class operation.”

Steve Beam
“Jim, Quick and painless is how this all came about so I have to say excellent job and thank you. Andrew, my graphic designer, was so easy to work with and able to read my “NON CREATIVE MIND” it’s scary. Top-notch work. I was worried about learning the back end but with Chris’ help it’s all coming together.”

Maggie Dokic
“I can’t thank you enough for my blog and updates. I’ve had my blog site for years now and love the work you’ve done. From designing it to helping me tweak it along the way. I love the fact that you guys stay on top of WordPress advances so I don’t have to. I especially love Molly. Whenever I have a question or concern, I can count on Molly to help out. And she has a sense of humor too. =) The training you provided to get me going as well as your continued support has been invaluable. And let’s not forget the Tomato community that you’ve put together for us. I really appreciate being able to communicate with like-minded professionals who are always looking to stay ahead of the latest technological advances not only to increase their bottom line but to provide top-notch service to their clients. And they share their best practices so freely. You can’t put a price on that. I love my Tomato blog and being part of your vine. May it continue flourishing!”

Tom Ferent
“Jim, by the way, hooking up with the Tomato is one of the best things I ever did for my business.”

Steve Hurley
“From an artistic standpoint not only did you get the idea of the look and feel I was after but you have executed it with a lot of aplomb.”

Libby Levinson
“Thanks Jim! I really appreciate it. I’m really happy with everything. I think the site looks really modern, clean, engaging, and sophisticated. Thank you for all of your, and Rob’s, hard work!”

Alex C. Johnson
“Outstanding … Thank you very much. I am very pleased and quite flattered to see what I have been seeing in my head appear in front of me. I have been doing real estate for a long time; it’s nice to get an adrenaline boost into the day to day business. I look forward to showing it off!”

Dale Chapman Webb
“Yea! Looks great! Thanks so much! You were so great to work with and you nailed it!”

Bill Rigdon
“Jim did a great job creating my website, and also referred me to a very good copywriter. He is always available for questions. You won’t regret using their services!”

Hollie Del Vecchio
“Jim has been so patient and easy to work with – and we absolutely love our new website! I won’t hesitate to hiTomato for our next update, and have already referred them to friends.”

Charles Barenbrugge
“Jim Cronin and his team at the Tomato did a great job with my website and everyone who visits it is very impressed with it. Thank you Jim and Co.!!!”

Frank DeFazio
​”WOW. I love it. Couldn’t be more happy.”

Tarama Aristy
“Tomato is the best! Since the first conversation their communication was great. They took on the project of creating my webpage with my input and requests, they made the process simple, and they really focused on my core messaging, allowing me to connect with my target audience. The graphics are beautiful too. I have received so many compliments thanks to their work!”

Aaron Auxier
Celebrity Real Estate Agent
“Tomato Helped Me Make Over 50 Appearances On/In The Mainstream Media While 10x My Business.”

Tracey Thomas
“Thanks to you and your staff I have been able to cut way back on my farming and other outside advertising and focus mainly on my online marketing. I’m finding the blog leads to be far better (more in line with the clients I love to work with) and a much higher price point. I feel I can pinpoint my niche market so much better with blogging instead of throwing the net far and wide as with print and direct mail marketing. Many thanks to you for your help, intense education and wonderful support. Looking forward to a great tomato blogging future! Blog On!”

Frank L. DeFazio
“Jim, When I first came to the Tomato I knew next to nothing about websites and blogging. Thanks to you I now feel like a blogging and SEO expert! I’ve had great success generating leads from my website and blog and my blog ranked on the first page of Google after only 3 months. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking to build a website that is functional, SEO friendly and reasonably priced. All of you have been wonderful but I wanted to especially acknowledge Chris Hotz for his efforts and for going above and beyond on my project. He is truly an asset to your operation. Thanks again and feel free to give out my website as an example of what you can get when you work with the Tomato.”

Amber Gardner
“Tomatoes, Well, I’m now #1 on PAGE ONE of Google!!! I wanted to target people moving to the area, for relocation. If you key in the search phrase “Moving to Sherwood” guess who you’ll see? That’s right, ME and my rockin’ Tomato blog! I passed up our state’s biggest newspaper, The Oregonian’s blog, Oregon Live! I just NOW googled Sherwood Neighborhoods and our Tomato community page it #1 on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE for the term Sherwood Neighborhoods! I’m so glad to see this progress, thank you for all your help! Can I just say “YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!” THANK YOU Tomato for all the training and my new site that I keep falling in love with that keeps on growing!”

Eric Israel
Summit Realty Group
“Jim, Just so you know, I honestly can’t describe in words what you have done for us and our business. Without you, we would have no websites or backend platform for our agents as we do today. Everyone in our company recognizes this fact. Our system (and that is what it truly is) has done more for us than we ever imagined. I can’t begin to imagine what kind of system we would have ended up with if we hadn’t found you. Honestly, we couldn’t be any happier with what you have provided us. Your response time back to us for all of our inquiries (and you know there were a lot) was just the icing on the cake. I will have beer(s) with you before I die because these sites you built will be setting up my retirement in the next year:-) LOL.”

Jill Wente
“One of the best things I have done to increase my business in the last two years was to get a tomato blog and continue to blog on a regular basis.”

Bruce Lemieux
“I’m coming up on my second anniversary with The Tomato and wanted to say ‘thanks’ for everything that your group has done to help me implement a real estate website that I’m really proud of. My site complements all other aspects of my marketing, and it generates business on its own. It has paid for itself many times over. Initial design and training got me up and running, but the fantastic community and continuous support of your staff have been the primary drivers of my site’s success. More than that, for me, learning how to create a great, online resource for home buyers and sellers through my site has made me a much more informed and more effective real estate agent. This was an unexpected benefit of being part of your community. And for that, I say “Thanks!””

Joe Pryor
“I am a person of the Boomer generation who does not look at internet marketing as second nature. I hired The Tomato to teach me first about blogging, and second how to use the internet to market myself as a Realtor. Chris was my initial teacher, and not only was he patient with me, he had the ability to talk to me in normal layman’s terms while he educated me on the technical details. Not only that, he challenged me to become proficient at blogging, and to keep going with more learning. I owe a debt of gratitude to Chris and the Tomato, and I have been able to monetize my internet business with the techniques I learned. Use Chris’s expertise with my strong recommendation.”

Dana Sher
“I had learned about Tomato from a Top Producing Realtor that was a guest speaker at our office recently. She doesn’t work for Tomato, but she attributes a great amount of her success to the website Tomato created for her. I’ve been a Realtor for 19 years, and have had a website much of that time. It never was a source of lead generation for me, it was just “there”. It’s been great working with Jim and his team, and to have hands-on input on the creation of my website. Chris is my trainer and has unlimited patience to guide me (that’s huge, as I’m not very tech-savvy), how to implement all the site can do for me, such as writing blogs, having IDX links for visitors to view the MLS on their own, and lead generation tools that actually work. I used to cringe when it came to working on the computer, and now I actually look forward to my weekly phone call from Chris, who keeps me on track and gently nudges me to ‘add more content, write more blogs’! I think my website is DYNAMIC now! I have even had two leads generated from it, in the month I’ve had it up and running. Tomato ROCKS!”

Susan Blackmon
“I feel like I’m a Tomato groupie! Have to remind you I am 2 months into my Tomato training and I can affirm just how great they are. It is almost amazing to be a couple of months into a relationship with a ‘vendor’ and they still treat you like you are a potential customer, even though you have signed on the dotted line. WOW!”

Rick Smenner
“Jim , I just want you to know how much I enjoy being part of the Tomato. I’m almost done with my training which has been first class. Working with Chris and the design staff during the first few months was an outstanding experience for me as well. I am very excited about what I think it is going to do for me both personally and professionally.”

Charles Woodall
“I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for everything you and The Tomato have done for my business! There is no way we would be enjoying the success we have had without your training. I highly recommend Jim and the entiTomato team to any real estate agent looking to add blogging to their business model. They will walk you through the entire process to achieve a superb design and an excellent education.”

Fran O’Neal
“We are thrilled at the absolutely beautiful job you and the team have done in taking our blog site to a whole new level. We really can’t say enough about the level of excellence you all have put into our blog site. From the recrafted design (which we all think is stunning), to the attention to detail, to the level of professionalism and subject matter knowledge, to the responsiveness of your team… the whole package has been superb. We also appreciate the emphasis on really educating and empowering your clients. This is what really great organizations do. On top of it all, you and your team are great fun to work with! (Kenny, Chris H., and the team… all just terrific). Anyone who is looking for a great blog would be well advised to look carefully at the incredible track record of Tomato. You all are the best in the business! Many thanks for a job more than well done!”

Keahi Pelayo
Jim, I am on page one of Google for ‘honolulu real estate.’ Your coaching and guidance are showing great results.”

Rod Herman
“Today, I am happier now, with my decision to join the Tomato Nation, than when I first signed up (and I was elated back then). My only regret is that I didn’t sign up months (or years) earlier. With any other website, you pay, you get a design, and then you’re off on your own. With Jim and his team, it’s such a well-organized, finely tuned process that it’s now so obvious why the Tomato Nation has become the cream of real estate’s blogging crop. I REALLY appreciate all the advice, suggestions, patience, encouragement and hand-holding. Plus the professionalism, reliability and responsiveness. As you might be able to tell, I’m in a bit of a euphoric state right now. I feel like I now have a solid blogging foundation and a good understanding of how this whole blogosphere thing works – something that I’m sure 99.8% of my colleagues will never enjoy. So thanks Jim, Chris, Jason and the rest of the people behind the scenes who I’ve never ‘met.’ You’ve developed a one-of-a-kind product and system — worth every penny of it and then some!”

Betsy Coughlan
“Hey Jim, Truly fantastic job, You are now MORE than ‘the man’! You are extremely talented. A true ‘overachiever’. I really love it. It’s cool, sexy, fun, feminine yet works for a guy too I think…very, very good. I love ‘the fresh’ and ‘the look’ and ‘the luxury’ which brings in the real estate. You are extremely clever – AND artistic! You ‘da man!!!! Many, many thanks.”

Julia Fishel
“Jim & Gang, It’s just a couple of months into my official training with and in the last 24 hours I got TWO fantastic buyer leads – and one’s already a definite client. The price points are higher than I usually receive as well! As an extra added bonus, I got a third great buyer lead today from Trulia, which is also at a high price-point and is already converted. I simply answered a question for a Trulia reader. You might ask what this has to do with tomatoes? Well, I learned about responding to Trulia ads in the course doing my Tomato homework – and the fact that I have The Peach plastered all over my Trulia responses I’m sure didn’t hurt. Who knew lead conversion could be so fun – and easy?! Thank you immensely!”

Lori Turoff
“My head is reeling from how much business this blog is generating for me. At least 5 real deals this year so far. It has been amazing! Thanks, (And this just in from Lori) Hi Jim, I hope you are well. I just wanted to tell you that on Monday I will be listing a $729,900 property that 100% came from my blog. The owners are avid readers and ‘commenters.’ I emailed one of them to let her know I was, in fact, a Realtor and would be happy to help her sell her home. I could not have a more dedicated client. They have so much confidence in me because of what they’ve learned about me by reading my blog every day. Last month it was just a $355,000 listing, which sold in 2 weeks. This month it’s a $729K listing. That doesn’t include at least 4 new buyers. All DIRECTLY from my blog. A million dollars of business – that’s a nice commission. Pays for a Tomato! You have no idea how well this is working for me so I thought I’d share. THANK YOU!!!!”

Liz Bolton
“Wanted to let you know how much people like your stuff!!! I get compliments all the time on the look and feel of the website. I am thrilled. I just checked and I AM ON PAGE ONE FOR CAMBRIDGE REAL ESTATE!!! Happy day!!! Hurrah!!! All this blogging, commenting, etc., until the middle of the night is working. Anyways – thank you all. I love my website and so appreciate all your help and work.”

Eric Ransom
“I really can’t say enough about Jim and the whole crew at The Tomato. Being new to the blogosphere I really had no idea what to expect. From day one they were honest about what it takes to be successful and were clearly there to show me the way. Nikki and I are so pleased with the look, feel, and functionality of the site. Most impressive, however, was the training. It was well thought out and directed, yet still allowed time to focus on areas of concern I had at the given time. I can’t imagine getting up to speed without them. Thanks for all of your efforts and guidance!”

Laurie Mindich –
“To anyone reading this, grab Jim now before he’s too busy to create successful websites- it’s just a matter of time, and he’s the BEST to work with!”

Marty Van Diest
“I’ve had a great year blogging and constantly get compliments on my site – but best of all I get amazing traffic and lots of quality leads.”

Perri Feldman
“After listening to Jim for five minutes, I knew he and his organization were the ONLY ones to hire to help create my blog and take my business to the next level. After just a few months, I know I made the right decision.”

TJ Harris
“I searched long and hard for a website company that would design a WordPress platform site for me. My problem was that all of the website development companies didn’t have a clue or the experience in developing a non-traditional ‘community site for a Realtor.’ That was until I found Jim Cronin and his company Tomato. Not only did he have a company that designed great real estate websites, but his company offers services to teach you how to utilize your site to increase your real estate business through great blogging and getting connected in the social media world. The Tomato team skillfully implemented the design that I envisioned for Fountain Hills Up Close. I am totally thrilled with how it turned out. That, of course, was not the end of my business with Tomato. I am now in the second phase of our relationship and am learning the ins and outs of good blogging. I feel strongly that having this knowledge will increase my business twofold. I want to say thanks to Jim for personally staying on top of things, Andrew for turning my vision into something real, and Chris for teaching me all the things I need to know about writing a great post for my blog. Tomato, you are a company that delivers.”

Joe Silviera
“Jim from Tomato was an incredible asset when it came to building my website. As someone who had never built a website before, I was overwhelmed with the process, but Jim was patient, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. He was always available to answer any questions that I had, and his expertise helped me make informed decisions about the design and functionality of my website. He took the time to explain everything to me in detail, ensuring that I understood each step of the process. His guidance and support were invaluable, and I am grateful for all of his help. I would highly recommend Jim and the Tomato team to anyone looking to build a website for their business.”

John Helmering
“I’ve been meaning to write you guys a review for a while now… but with how well the website is working, we’ve just been too busy =). Seriously, the site is just fantastic. It is a huge asset to our listing presentations, and our sellers love seeing their homes on it. Our leads from the site are locking in incredible luxury deals. It’s wonderful. And Google is just loving the site as well… SEO has gone through the roof. Now we’re looking forward to having your team do all our targeted blogging – we’re so excited. Thanks again Tomato!”

Claudia Splinter
TrajanCRE | Miami, FL
“If you are looking for a copywriting partner that does ALL the heavy lifting, look no further than Tomato. We’ve thrown some difficult topics at them and they deliver in spades. The content has been incredibly well-researched, thorough, and professionally written. We have also been using content on topics that they suggested which proves their dedication and interest in our business. Other than a quick look over each article, we’ve just been able to sit back and watch them do their thing, week after week. To anyone needing excellent blog articles for their website, let these guys do it. They’re amazing.”

Eric Story
“Jim and the Tomato were amazing too work with!! They are very passionate about being perfect and very detailed!! I am ecstatic about my new website!!!”

Forth Hoyt
“Jim has blown me away again. I just gave him some quick bullet point or big rock ideas of what I wanted this site to do for me, how it would work in my business and who the target audience was and he came up with not only an awesome site design, but perfect calls to action, new logos, and taglines that I can use in all my marketing. Truly awesome! His clean, clear, simple design and the laser focus value proposition he created for me makes me look pretty smart. LOL! I didn’t make a single change form his original artwork.”

Jamie Coulter
“Hi Jim, You did it, man! I have to tell you, I was on the fence about saying goodbye to my existing website for a blog but it’s been the best thing I have done for my real estate career in a long time. Not only has it been an extremely effective tool right out of the chute but I freakin’ love blogging! It’s my new hobby! I woke up early to blog! I’m a blogger and I’m loving every minute of it! Suffice it to say, you guys are the real deal and I owe you, Chris Hotz, and the whole Tomato crew a big thank you for making me an armed and dangerous blogger. Keep up the good work!”

Jeremy Brown
“Chris/Jim, et al, Wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for helping me get things accomplished on my website: With your help, I’ve got a destination that has already landed me 2 listings in the first week. I appreciate all the assistance you have given and consider the purchase an absolute steal for what it will bring me! Please let me know if you ever need a testimonial, and I will certainly be sending everyone I know to your business who needs like-kind services.”

Susan Hilton
“Jim, The blog looks beautiful! BTW, very nice job with the Tomato, everyone has been really great, smart, and responsive. The Tomato is everything you said it would be and more! Thanks so much for your help getting us started! This blog is going to make a big difference allowing us to start and nurture a conversation with our clients! We have had a great ride so far.”

Doug Aegerter
“WOW. . .what a trip, from green on the vine to a ribbon at the fair, the “St. Louis Real Estate” fair, no less. Our blogging experiment started with a lot of research on the web that, fortunately for us, found its way to a blogging zealot named Jim Cronin at the Tomato. My first impression was that he was a fast-talking guy with all the answers, I was soon to find out that he was a fast-talking guy with all the answers and MORE. The trip was everything that Jim said it would be, and he supplied encouragement when we thought we were wasting our time and not making any progress. We wanted our blog to provide timely and useful information for consumers across the entire St. Louis real estate spectrum. We started posting in March and really struggled through the first 4 months. Then we started making progress in some of the minor keyword searches. . . but we wanted the whole enchilada tomato. . . St. Louis Real Estate. Holy Tomato, sometime in early November we were page-ranked in Google (four out of ten) and recently are page one, number four when searching ‘St Louis Real Estate’ using Google. Our sincere thanks to Jim Cronin and the Tomato Team for coming through with everything they promised and MORE. Thanks, Jim, Jason, and Molly, and the entire team for helping us stay the course and giving us the tools and encouragement along the way.”

Kevin Churchill
“Fantastic. Truly. I am very pleased that I found Tomato and Jim! I searched high and low…”

Daniel Bates
“Jim and his colleagues at The Tomato designed an excellent professional real estate website for me ( using my requirements and preferences and their years of experience and creativity. They have been there for me every step of the way and taught me how to get the most out of the site and provide the best results for my clients. They have helped me create my website and get it to the first page SEO in a few short months. He is an expert in his field and the entire blogging community looks up to him. Thanks for the great service that you provide and making my business soar!”

Jack LeVine
“I get feedback. I get at least one email a day just to thank me for what I’m doing. I can’t go anywhere in my market area without having total strangers tell me they’ve read me, and will use me ‘someday’. I’m getting referrals from TOTAL Strangers who read me and tell someone at work to read me. They call and say someone sent me to your site, and I have no clue who it is that sent them. EVERY one of my last 15 new listings were ‘come list my house’ calls. EVERY other thing I do that’s not on the internet is only geared at driving traffic to the blog. I have 2 listings in escrow that I’m on both sides of. They didn’t even want to see any listings other than mine. I spend about 2 hours total a day ‘doing the blog’ .. that’s what JJ calls it. ‘Did you do your blog yet?’ I aim for and have with rare exceptions done 3 to 4 posts a day for a year now. I rarely ever write long posts. EVERY one of my last 15 new listings were ‘come list my house’ calls. And Jim and the Tomatoes taught me so much, and fixed or straightened out or re-educated me about what I had been doing wrong. March 5 will be the one year anniversary of Without having started to blog then, I think I’d be managing a Burger King about now.”

Ben Roberts
“I think I’ll stick with my Tomato built website. 65 confirmed leads in 4 months. Never saw those kinds of numbers with AR. Jim is a pleasure to work with and provides a creative and outstanding product. I have worked directly with Jim on multiple projects and he always provides timely and impressive results.”

Steve Beam
“The Fall Blogging Challenge you guys ran got me over $7 Million in Sales that closed from January to June this year. One of the sales was a $1.2 million sale in which I had the buyer and seller, both directly from the blog. That sale was like getting a $70,000 paycheck just for blogging. I can handle that every year! I achieved the #6 individuals for RE/MAX Mountain States that month and earned over six figures for April. Never have I done that before, and I owe it all to blogging. Remax Mountain States is a five-state region. I was stoked!”

UPDATE: “I’ll be enjoying another nice closing before Christmas directly from the blog. My wife was questioning me last night and we didn’t finish the conversation (2 and 5 years old in da house) but we were figuring I’ve had somewhere around $170,000 in income from the blog so far this year. I believe it will end up being a good bit north of $200,000 by Christmas. I think any beginning blogger should start at Tomato and attend their Tomato University. In a matter of weeks you will learn what will take most beginners years to master and discover. For hosting, tech support, and ongoing guidance at the advanced level, the Tomato is tops in my book. Thanks again!”

Margaret Woda
“Jim and Gang, It was worth every penny for the training that came with my custom blog site AND it gets me more Google juice than any other Internet presence I have now or ever had. I am not sure if that’s because of hosting by Tomato or if it’s due to the training I got from them. It has more than paid for itself in the first transaction – the best marketing investment I ever made. In fact, it’s yielded more closed transactions than all other sources together in my whole career!! AND…. (drum roll please) As of today, Focus on Crofton is now on page one of a Google for Crofton Maryland real estate – from about page 18 or so…all in less than 3 months from launch.”
Update: “I am now #2! YOU are the best! THANK YOU! Fast service, perfect results, what more could I ask for? You’re awesome.”

Steve Hurley
“The original website was put in place in 2016. I then purchased seven to ten hours of additional instruction. The result has been an extraordinary degree of creative control on a flexible WordPress platform that is well supported. Jim is a great teacher. I know what that looks like since I also teach, part-time, at a local JC. You can’t go wrong on a WordPress platform guided carefully, by Jim.”

Roger Steiner
“I’m really happy with my new site. Jim is super helpful, knowledgeable, and great to work with. He really listened to what I was trying to create and made it happen.”

Mariana Wagner
“I have been working with Jim Cronin over at the Tomato for about 7 years now. He is in the process of hammering out a complete website overhaul for us, and I must say that I am THRILLED with the products and the customer service that Jim and his company provide. They have always taken such great care of us.”

Steve Hanley
“From an artistic standpoint not only did you get the idea of the look and feel I was after but you have executed it with a lot of aplomb. Responsive, great design, I highly recommend Tomato!”

Burt Greenberg MD
“Cannot express how happy we are with our website. Jim took the time to hear out everything we wanted done and was always easily reached via email. We made SO many changes and he was patient and understanding. I work for a plastic surgeon so I know this was different than a real estate web page but he assured me he could do it and it’s perfect. Thank you, thank you!”

Chad Lariscy
“I can honestly say that my blog with a huge amount of thanks to you and your staff has brought me a ton of business in some really neat and unusual ways. I couldn’t be more pleased or happier with my Front Porch View Blog. I am very proud of it, and will continue to work hard on it. I have gone from just getting by to thriving in a shifting market mostly due in part to blogging and the exceptional training that I received from your team. I closed 2 transactions last month and have one to close this week as a direct result from those who found trust in me through reading my blog. I have to be honest with you, I just recently much to my disappointment purchased an additional ‘traditional’ website thinking I needed one. Boy was I wrong. The Tomato has helped catapult me to the front pages of Google for many popular search phrases. My ONLY expense outside of time and my initial purchase to obtain these heavily sought after results has been absolutely ZERO…nada…..zilch! To anyone reading this: IT WILL BE THE BEST THING YOU HAVE DONE FOR YOUR BUSINESS if you commit and work hard and put to practice all that they will teach you. I know it seems that I might have gone over the top, but that is the least that I could do for them since they did it for me! You will not be disappointed.”

Rosy Baron
“Tomato is not only the best real estate Web Developer in today’s age, but they truly care about their clients and conveying the right message to target the desired audience. I have done three websites with Tomato and I had a mental block while developing my latest website/idea and with the solutions that I want to provide to my customers. Then I had an absolutely amazing phone call with Jim and he was able to help me understand my own vision and clear the purpose and solutions behind my idea. I truly had an ‘AHA’ moment! I couldn’t be more excited.”

Suzie Crowe

“We love Tomato-Jim Cronin and his team have helped keep our website up to date and kept it going without any problems. They are quick to respond to make any changes. I have recommended them to several of my Realtor friends! They’re the best!”

Susan Gardner
“Jim at Tomato is the best web designer and developer I’ve ever worked with. Having been in the business 17+ years, I’ve researched and used many different companies out there and Tomato is not the cookie cutter, everyone gets the same thing, solution. If you want a highly customized, geared toward your goals website, don’t wait another minute to call them. You won’t be disappointed.”

Evan Russell
“I can’t thank Jim and his team enough. He took an older WordPress site I had parked on a different server, moved it over to his hosting and made it look awesome! Jim is awesome, he responds to every call, text, and email almost immediately. He makes every change request happen in no time, and communicates it back right away. This is my second go around with Tomato, and I should never have left back in 2012, but when I decided to relaunch the site, Tomato was my first call. Great work Jim!!!”

Kari Lundin
“Jim, thank you for everything. I’d probably be out of real estate if I hadn’t found you (and yes, you can use that as a testimonial).”

Julie Quinn Fuelling
“I just got my first phone call, ‘I read your blog and I want you to come list my house.’ I almost passed out but maintained my composure!”

Krish D’Errico
“Tomato is not your ordinary real estate website design company. They really do go the extra mile by taking the consultant role into finding your target audience and tailor your website to reach that audience with the correct message. Every single aspect of the website design is a cohesive message you give to your clients about your business. I can’t tell you enough how much they have helped my business! I recommend Tomato to anyone that wants a hands-on approach and custom website that you will be proud of and your clients and future clients will fall in love with!”

Anne West
“I have been blogging since last November (2009) and it has really started to pay off for me. The blog has been my principle marketing tool and not only am I getting business, but the blog has helped me convert leads gotten elsewhere. When I refer people to my blog and they read it, I get instant credibility…and as a newer agent, this has really helped me. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the great design and all of the training and support you have given me. What spurred me to write today was the fact that a well-known blogger/vlogger in the Chicago area just gave me a great plug on his blog as the best agent-written blog on Chicago’s North Shore. This would never have happened without the Tomato. Thanks, guys, you’re the bomb!”

Susan Hilton
“Tomato is WAY more than just a site development company. Yes, they help build beautiful sites but they are there for ongoing education, tech help when something needs to be changed or you screw it up. They are there when you need to bounce an idea around about something new you want to try. I am a big believer in trying to get things as cheap as possible but The Tomato guys are worth double what I pay!”

Kimberly Anderson
“As always I appreciate the quick response and love my blog!”

Keith Jeppson
“Getting 3-4 calls per day makes it tough to keep the blog up though…thx for all your help…love the tomato!”

Rich Jacobson
“I first encountered Jim Cronin through the Real Estate Blogging Platform, ActiveRain. It amazed me how many people there were self-proclaimed experts/gurus on one thing or another. But in reading Jim’s articles, I knew I had come across the real deal – someone who actually knew what they were talking about intimately. It was clear that Jim fully grasped what constituted effective realty blogging and utilizing Web 2.0 for business applications. As I come across blogging platforms that his team has constructed, his obvious expertise has been proven over and over again.”

Andrew McKay
“Happy newbie. Search ‘homes for sale in Wasaga Beach’ in Google, blog is already number 3 on page 1. We’re just over a month into blogging!”
UPDATE: “My blog is easily my main source of clients, and even those that don’t initially contact me through it are very quickly convinced of my ‘expertise’ once I have directed them to None of this would have been possible without the Tomato. Firstly on the techie side you designed a great blog for me and it’s user friendly. Secondly, once I designed the classes, continuing education has allowed me to make the most of the product. People need to know you are not just ‘web designers.’ You teach us tomatoes how to maximize the online potential out there for us to talk directly to buyers and sellers. You know what? I really enjoy it all. It’s fun and I feel I have made several true friends even if only online in the Tomato world. I tell you it’s better than cold calling, especially knocking on doors when the snow hits up here in Canada. Many thanks!”

Shelli Dore
“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you and Sarah have done for me on my new blog. I am very grateful!!!!”

Marion Freedman
“Thank you for the class yesterday. It’s so helpful, especially one on one because everyone learns differently. I am implementing everything you teach me and being very aware of all your tips too. Tomato U has been the best process and learning tool I’ve used in a long time. I stumbled my way into Tomato and it’s been the best thing that’s happened to me ‘on a professional level,’ in a long time. Tomato has really changed my life and the way I see my business in the future. Thanks again!”

Jeannie Thompson
“I am a recent graduate of RET, and as a person in their 60’s I can tell you … .I have had a lot to learn. I think the learning curve for people over 50 is long, but with Tomato and the team (Molly/Chris) I can say I know more than most of my younger 30-something agents in my area. Jim and his team have been incredibly patient with me…and my many questions. And, believe me when I say…I am still in that ‘asking a lot of questions’ stage. I am beginning to get more views on my blog and anticipate I could get my first lead….any minute now. I tell anyone who is thinking of getting a website that they need to make the choice to let the Tomato design it. I think of the $1000’s of dollars you could waste letting someone rep submit your info on a stale template and then push you off the plank to let you swim alone, and as the ship pulls away, you are in the water wondering ‘what happened and why do I look like everyone else?’ The experience with Tomato is so much more than that. I am so addicted to blogging, I’ve given up Open Houses. I love this media…it’s the happiest I’ve been in my 21 years of selling real estate…..I think I need a 12 Step Program. Does the Tomato have a 12 Step Program? Thank you Jim, Chris and everyone who has been involved in my design and teaching how to go to the highest level. And to Daniel Bates, who I think was the most patient person, I want to say…You are Simply The Best. Each week he would spend extra time with me going over what we went over the previous week. Thank you!”

Jeremy Linder
BTW- I was impressed with your work before, but after tonight I’m a true believer. As an experiment, I added a listing page and wrote a short blog post about it before it goes live in the MLS (and all the 3rd party sites, zillow et al) tomorrow hoping my post and/or page might be indexed and show up near the top in google. When I checked about an hour later the post was already indexed! Not a big deal for a site with some good content and decent PR, but this is a new site/domain with zero inbound links. Have to say, the Tomato is the real deal.

Paul and Toni Smith
Using Tomato to create our blog website has been a great asset to our business. We enjoyed working with Jim and the tech staff creating our website, The technical support continues to be very helpful. If you are considering using Tomato to further your web presence, we would highly recommend them.

Jon Benya
I really appreciate everything you all have done on the site, everything is working great. More importantly, my page views have gone through the roof. My pages per visit have doubled in the short time it has been implemented, and I am averaging about 40% more average page views total. Yesterday was a personal highlight with over 500 unique visitors to the site… it is going gang-busters…I absolutely love it. Thank you so much guys, I appreciate it.

Diane van der Goes
I want to rave about Chris. He has been extremely accommodating and patient with our setup, and he was just AWESOME for our first class with the agents. After the webinar, I had 3 agents immediately text, call and come into my office to sign up for a blog! The feedback from them was Chris explained it so I could understand, he was calm and thorough and didn’t talk over our heads. Great hire, Jim – Congratulations!

Akrum Ali
It looks great! I’m very excited and pleased with how the site turned out. Thank you for your patience and hard work, I really appreciate it.

Jodi Kirkwood
Jim Cronin is the Man!!! He has pioneered the way for the Real Estate industry in Internet Marketing specifically in blogging. He is extremely motivated by his clients and has a unique ability to coach and train unlike any I’ve seen. He is the Guru in real estate blogging and is highly respected among his peers, clients, and colleagues. If he is booked to speak in your area, buy a ticket – you won’t want to miss it! I would highly recommend Jim and his company.

Christy Stuart
OMG awesome!!! I love it!!! Amazing! OMG I am so happy with my site!!!! 

JoAnn Roberts
I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Great? NO, fabulous!

Jennifer Maier
BTW, I just got a great listing here in Columbiana and should hopefully be getting another in the next few weeks. Both listings are a result of the blog (which launched just 2 months ago!). These people were referred to me because I’m the one that “knows real estate in this area.” Can you believe that? It has really helped me build credibility. The marketing director for the City of Columbiana said that my website was wonderful and that people in town are talking about it.

Nathan Fierman
You have done a great job and met or exceeded my expectations. The problem is that I don’t want to tell anyone here in real estate about you!

Rod Herman
I’m very excited about our new website and appreciate all the time and advice you’ve provided. I’m also very glad to be staying with the Tomato. You and your team have always been helpful, dynamic, responsive, and exceptionally professional… so I’m very happy to be able to stay a part of the extended Tomato family. I wish the rest of the business world moved as fast as the Tomato does!

Ann Harold
I get regular positive feedback on my site, and I’m loving it. I’ve had a great experience with Jim of Tomato, so much so after developing my real estate website I asked him to develop another site for my Bed & Breakfast. I like dealing with one person as opposed to being bounced around by different people in a large firm. Responsive and good customer service. Thanks for everything, Jim.

Claudia Marrone
Jim and his team did a great job with developing our new real estate website. He guided us through the entire process, never missing a beat. We needed something that was practical, easy to navigate, and with a modern slick look. Jim put together just that. We would highly recommend Jim and his team of web guru tomatoes!!

Norka Parodi
I was in a bit of a pinch and needed someone to help me out as quickly as possible. I was referred to Tomato to help me with my woes, and boy did they deliver! They helped me rebuild both my sites, clean up a bunch of issues, and assure that all was working and looking great. I highly recommend Tomato for their responsiveness, attention to detail, and expertise!

Andrew Laven
Redesigning my website and cannot recommend Jim Cronin enough. Thank you, Jim, for the responsiveness, for taking the time to listen to me and making it just as I had hoped for. Jim is a pro and very reasonable with his rates. If you want the job done well and at an affordable rate, Jim is your man.

Bob Alderson (
On behalf of The Alliance Kingdom Builders thank you for all your work on our web-site. The look and feel of the site is top-notch, very professional. I am confident that if the need should arise in the future we will be calling you again for your expertise.

Julie Fuelling
I love all that the Tomato continues to do for me; your customer support is outstanding. My blog rocks!

Jeff & Rebecca Partners.RealEstate
Who is Awesome? Jim Cronin and Tomato, that’s who! You cannot lose working with this team, Jim is very insightful at discerning exactly what your message is and extremely skilled at delivering it through your beautiful new website. Impact your target audience in a fresh professional manner and start building the relationships that will take your business to a new level. No need to guess or hope for the best, Jim can get you where you want to be in the timeline you agree on. Our Real Estate Website is spectacular! I highly recommend it!

Debbie Cook
Jim set up my new blog, and when I say new I mean new (just a week old). I am not technically savvy or internet savvy. I had just been struggling along trying to figure out what I could on my own. Jim is the most patient and knowledgeable teacher and coach I have ever had! My blog is already successful – The biggest blogger in my area is linking to my new stories every day. He got 11 comments on my post about needing a dog park in my town! This morning the big blogger guy in my town linked to my scary Halloween Real Estate Story, and so far, someone already left a comment. I did not expect to have any comments or activity for a long time. Jim has helped me look like a Pro (and believe me I am not!- hardly have a clue what I am doing) He not only knows how to teach, he knows how to teach Real Estate Agents (Very Difficult to Do!) If you want to be successful blogging in Real Estate and you want to learn from the Best and you want to have FUN – Sign up with the Tomato!

Susan Hilton
It was VERY difficult to choose only 3 attributes for Jim. In the time we have worked together he has excelled at customer service, encouragement, professionalism, consistency, and very out-of-the-box ideas and thorough implementation. Jim is someone to go to when you want creative results! (From her LinkedIn Recommendation)

Marcie Sandalow
Just finished up a rather intense 7-week one-on-one training class with Chris Hotz/Tomato where I was instructed in the ways of blogging/websites/SEO and some. Chris is a fantastic teacher. He is thorough, kind to the technically challenged (moi), a fabulous resource, and darned if he didn’t have an answer (and a good one!) for every question I threw at him. 5-stars!

Gena R.
Since my days with Tomato, I have had an incredible run on visibility both by clients, the media, and the Internet. A website that I’ve had for over 5 years took about 4 years to reach a Google pagerank of 2, and once I had my blog site at Sacramento Real Estate Voice, within just a few months, I received a Google pagerank of 3 for my stagnate website. My blog site only took about 3-4 months, and I quickly received a 5-page rank with Google. Absolutely amazing! SacramentoRealEstateVoice has also climbed into uncharted waters by making it onto the first page on Google for Sacramento Real Estate. Along with the ranking, I would say that it took about 6 months of blogging when suddenly I started receiving calls from prospective clients and the news media as well as radio. It has been steady but then again so has my blogging. I just don’t have enough hours in the day to write everything I would like. My clients have each said when they call that they have been reading my blog for some time and got to know me. It should be noted, however, that they never commented. All of this takes time. Tomato and his team have been diligent and helpful in providing me with the initial blogging education and further helping me to be the best that I can be…I am a work in progress. Thank you Tomato and the artful team!

Joe Peffer
“Jim has put together a class act team of professionals at Tomato. Having Blogged about Columbus Area Real Estate for years without much to show for it, I asked Jim if his company could help me redesign and invigorate my blog. They responded with a quality product at a reasonable cost and have continued to provide excellent resources and mentorship now that it’s up and running. I would recommend Jim’s work to anyone ready to establish or kick up their web presence a notch.”

Kevin Schmidtchen
(The following is an excerpt from a response to an email that was sent from a prospect to current client, Kevin Schmidtchen, regarding his experience with the RET) The Tomato taught me almost everything I know about blogging and the rewards that this creates for you as an agent. Well worth it. I had a website beforehand that was doing OK and still does OK, but my blog does better for sure in bringing traffic and ultimately business. I simply stumbled upon them and chose them because I was looking for this and the timing was right. They fit what I was looking and hoping for, and yes, it worked out great. I would for sure use them again; everything is great and there have been zero negatives. They are a good group of guys working hard and wanting to help you with your business. As far as the investment goes, yes, I have 100% covered my investment and then some big time in my eyes. So even though it is initial $$$ that can be tough based on where you are at, I would say that I regained this all within 6 months and have continued to build and now have a great working tool that is relatively free and makes me good money.

Mary DeLuca
I love Tomato heads! The training that I am getting from them is invaluable to me. I debated a while before I took the leap- but I’m so glad I did. It’s personal and professional and right on the mark! What you learn from them is leaps and bounds beyond anything in the epro class or any other real estate class for that matter. Their training was well worth the money and more extensive than anything I’ve ever taken for CE credit. I’m still going through training with Tomato- but I’ve gotten a new buyer from them. It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve started posting. Which is really good for me. I love my blog, and I’m having such fun blogging. I haven’t been this excited about real estate….well since never.

Brad Nix
We have been incredibly happy with our new blog site designed by the guys at Tomato! We also continue to climb Google rankings, and our subscribers are growing as well.

Bob Fortner
Just typed “Heritage Wake Forest” into Google and fell out of my chair when I saw the second article I wrote about this hot neighborhood at the bottom of the first page!!! Composed myself, saw the words “two hours ago” at the end of the post, and almost fell out of my chair again. I posted this at 4:33 pm and did the search at 8:30 pm. I can tell you that people will very likely use this term to search in this neighborhood. I’m continuing to show up for more and more search terms. Can’t believe the speed at which this is happening. The Tomato Rocks!

Art Wagner
Jim, Jason, Molly, and anyone else behind “The Tomato”–Congrats to you all. You guys and gals are awesome. You have helped bring me and my business into the new world of blogs and the technology to create them. Thank you. Especially for your patience through the months of mentoring. My vote, obviously, is for “The Tomato.” Keep up the great work!!! Blog On!!

Brad Nix
“Jim and the gang at Tomato are Jedi’s among the galaxy of blogs and websites in the real estate industry. They took my ideas and goals and improved upon them to deliver me a real estate website combined with a blogging platform that is a Google magnet! Jim has also proven the ability to train Padawan bloggers into Master Jedis and I’d love to get a count of his midi-chlorians.”

Roberta M.
“Jim Cronin, aka The Tomato, is a real estate blogging and IT guru. He is a master at design, a wizard at setting up blogs, and ours at owes much to Jim’s expertise. We would heartily recommend his services!”

Sean Stark
“Thank You so much. You guys have been so great with your explanations and timely responses. I am so much happier now that you guys are running my site. It is like night and day compared to my old hosting company. Keep up the great job!”

Christine Kueneke
“Hey Jim, I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new website. I am adding things weekly and learning a lot. I have to get a lot more done but it is fun! It is exactly what I wanted!”

Marc Brinitzer
“Great stuff Jim. As a new blogger, I appreciate that you and Jason make such a consistent effort to stay in front of the wave, bringing to our attention lots of usable new stuff. I still feel overwhelmed at times, but your classes make it fun and exciting!”

Tracey Thomas
“I logged on to my blog this morning and saw the new design. Wow! It looks amazing and it is exactly what I imagined. Andrew really understood my blog vision and put it to pixels in such a short time. I look forward to completing my Tomato Training with Jim so I can ‘blog on’. Jim and Jason have made the learning curve painless and fun so that I can spend my time writing blogs and selling real estate instead of trying to figure out how to tweak my back end (of the blog). =) I’ve read several books on blogging but your tips, tricks, and ideas have been priceless. These are the things my Mother never told me about blogging. I feel like I’m so ahead of the game now.”

Dr. John McMillen
“FYI, I’ve reached #1 on Google for ‘Clovis Real Estate’ (a feat I didn’t think was humanly possible with all of the huge corporations and real estate companies that use and market for that term), so perhaps you can use me as an example of what’s possible for a tomato blog.”

Mariana Wagner
“I’d like to thank @Tomato for being so great to work with these past few years. They’ve done a wonderful job dealing w/me 😉 #awesome”

Brian Miller
“I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks. I finally reached the end of my Tomato training and obtained the coveted ‘tomato-graduate’ chiclet. It’s a great sense of accomplishment, sort of surprising actually as I didn’t expect to feel so ‘graduate-like’. I mean, dang, isn’t this just a service I signed up for to improve my web presence? Of course now, I can say the answer to that is a resounding ‘NO’ even hell-no. I’ve always been a believer in web-based marketing, etc. I really sort of happened upon your site while trying to figure out the blog stuff – like what is a blog, what it does, etc. I perused your site and things started clicking. I was seeing things that began to help me start gelling some thoughts that were floating around. Filling out your inquiry form was a version of a leap of faith. I tend to be quite cynical of these and expected to get a call from yet another person trying to sell me services that are the ‘magic formula’ for generating real estate success. After our first conversation, I was sold. You didn’t give me the hard sell, didn’t make a lot of crazy claims, didn’t even use any of the typical ‘closes’. We spoke again the next day, and though I was committing more money than I ever had to any single thing in my real estate business to date, I felt completely at ease with my decision (still do for that matter). I was a little concerned when I found out I was not going to be working directly with you, but Chris has been outstanding. I have graduated with a tremendous amount of knowledge about blogging, marketing, etc. Way more than I expected….I really didn’t expect to learn this so completely. You guys have taught me an incredible amount, and given me the tools to keep growing. So, Jim, a HUGE thank you to you and the entiTomato staff. I’m still completely pumped about this, maybe even more so than after our first conversation. I hope to continue learning and growing in this endeavor, and hope to stay in touch with you guys so you can proudly say, one day, ‘there’s one of our prize students…’ If you ever need to use me as a referral to someone considering your services….feel free to give them my contact info…”

Sondra Johnson
“I LOVE the LOOK, and the COLORS, and the FORMATTING…… thank you, thank you!! I’m so excited and pumped up!”

Rick Stalker
“We utilize several sites and none are more effective at generating organic leads than our site constructed and trained with Jim and his Tomato team. While I caution that nothing comes free in life, to maximize a blog’s effectiveness, it does take a commitment to be done correctly. In other words, it is not a plug and go site, but if you want to stand out and differentiate yourself, I highly urge you to talk to the knowledgeable and friendly folks at Tomato. In an industry full of over promises and under delivery, our hats are off to the Tomato for delivering what they preach, deliver and definitely understand. JOB WELL DONE TOMATO!”

Greg Swann
“Jim Cronin has started, a turn-key real estate weblog vendor. All WordPress, and the Tomato is hosting them. I’m not the product endorsing type, but I have a great admiration for what Jim has done with The Tomato. If you’re an agent or other real estate professional looking for a weblogging solution, looks like a good place to start. Jim Cronin is an excellent teacher, and The Tomato is an excellent teaching website. Update: Jim, here’s the undisputed truth: The weblogs you are producing are beautiful. Up to the owners to rate you on performance, but for look and feel, Tomato Blogs are beyond excellent. So there!”

Bob Sparks
“I never plug Jim Cronin’s Tomato enough, although they certainly don’t need my plugs…Their content has been tops in the Real Estate Blogosphere here recently, actually for a while. Jim is offering a comprehensive (training and all) blog site software package for the real estate professional that looks like the cats meow. — I can’t say enough about Jim and the gang at The Tomato. Anyone interested in learning the power of blogging to further their business should get in touch with him. From everyone at Real Estate Professionals GMAC, Thanks Jim!”

Jerod Hoffman
“My blog is rocking out! It generates steady traffic every day. I have created a worldwide audience and following. It is amazing. Thanks to your direction and expertise in internet marketing consulting is moving forward and has become a voice to be heard in the fitness industry. This platform has opened many doors for me, thanks again!”

Justin Smith
“I’ve always been impressed with Jim and the Tomato. His level of expertise and professionalism is second to none. Since working with him and for him in the last couple of months, I continue to be impressed.”

Chris Daley
“Jim is hands down one of the brightest minds in Real Estate marketing. His reach on the Tomato is far and wide. The audience he has been able to build in such a short time is simply amazing. The best quality I can see in Jim is his unique ability to communicate complex marketing concepts and techniques to an average REALTOR without making them feel inferior. In fact, Jim has quietly started a revolution of empowerment for real estate professionals that will affect the industry for a long time.”

Yvette Auger
My only choice for my real estate website. Thank you Tomato for all you do for me! You are total rockstars. I truly appreciate you!!!

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