Selling & sharing assisted living.

We revamped Canopy Senior Living Services and its properties by reshaping content strategies and online tools. In just four months, our efforts in marketing and SEO significantly boosted conversion rates and improved rankings for each brand, achieving remarkable results.

We amplified their online presence​.

We boosted their digital reach by building brand new websites for each of their properties. To ensure long-term success, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy with ongoing monthly maintenance. We also took care of content creation, crafting fresh, engaging content every week to keep their audience hooked.

"This transformation significantly boosted on-page conversion rates and improved the ranking signals for each site, making them more effective and user-friendly."
- J. Marshall, Tomato Creator

An SEO strategy with results.

Overhauling Canopy's websites involved improving loading speed, refining backlinks, and adding industry-specific content.

"Hiring ReadTomato was a value-adding move for our business. The research, products and ongoing service you’ve provided has exceeded our expectations"
- D. Stamey

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