Branding 30 years of humility, respect & trust.

Senior associates at Pikoff Attorneys prepared the company for sale within three years. ReadTomato was hired to refresh the brand, develop online communication tools, and produce public relations and blogging marketing vehicles to enhance public knowledge about the company's value.

We crafted their brand & fueled their growth.

We built a strong foundation for their success with a new brand identity, captivating brand storybook, and clear usage guidelines. Following that, we created a website that effectively showcases their company's abilities. To complete the transformation, we designed fresh merchandising and corporate communication materials, ensuring a cohesive brand experience that drives growth.

"In the discovery sessions, we brought our full energy to the table, offering a variety of options for messaging, branding, and website design, ultimately creating an outstanding customer journey. Our client couldn't be happier with the results."
- J. Cronin, Top Tomato

Branding to reflect business values

The brand mirrors the straightforward business model, avoiding flashiness. Mr. Pikoff sought a brand reflecting his and his firm's reputation, serving as a legacy for his family and smoothly transitioning to new ownership.

"You and your team produced a very thoughtful and exact result for the firm. We are proud to share our new logo and website amongst our peers and with clients."
- J. Pikoff

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