Embracing Seattle’s community roots.

ReadTomato was hired by Seattle at Home to rebrand and rename their business, aiming to resonate with current residents and newcomers by fostering a sense of belonging and emphasizing Seattle's welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere.

Crafting a homegrown identity.

Through extensive research and community engagement, ReadTomato developed a brand that captures Seattle’s communal spirit and lifestyle. The new brand reflects the city’s welcoming nature and its vibrant, community-oriented atmosphere.

"Working with Seattle at Home allowed us to highlight the exceptional quality of their services. Our branding efforts were designed to enhance and amplify the customer experience, truly reflecting the welcoming and supportive community they foster"
- R. Balansag, Tomato Painter

Creating fan-favorite merchandise.

ReadTomato produced marketing materials that introduce the rebranded Seattle at Home. These materials emphasize community connection, turning the website into a central gathering place for residents, enhancing engagement and participation across the Seattle Area.

"ReadTomato transformed our vision into reality, creating a vibrant brand and community hub that truly embodies the spirit of Seattle."
- Emily Hawkins

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